My Amazing Weekend at The Fest – Part I

After years of looking at the amazing line ups and telling myself I had to go, I finally made it to my first Fest in Gainesville this year. What a crazy weekend! I can say that the yearly punk rock reunion lives up to its reputation! So here is the report of my experience at The Fest. […]

On My Way to The Fest 18

In a couple of days, I’ll be on my way to Florida for my very first Fest ever. After years of looking at the crazy line ups and telling myself I had to go, I finally decided that this year was THE year. My boyfriend Jesse and my best friend Guillaume (Mr. Daily Recommendations at Punk […]

Brookhurst – Heartstrings

On March 29th, Brookhurst, a three-piece pop punk act from L.A., CA released their last record, Heartstrings. I was a fan of the previous record and I couldn’t wait to hear their new sound, especially since I had a feeling this new one would even be better. I had the chance to meet Steven, the singer, […]

Downway – Last Chance for More Regrets

I grew up listening to punk rock on a small island in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. No need to tell you that punk rock were pretty rare, not to say totally non-existent. So when I moved to Quebec City in 2001, I was super excited to finally be able to go to […]

Entrevue avec Max de Hitch & Go

À l’approche du lancement du nouveau single de Hitch & Go, Dragged Down, Marie a eu la chance de s’entretenir avec Max, le guitariste de la formation québécoise. Voici le résultat de cette petite entrevue… –Allô Max! Alors, comment on se sent lors du lancement d’un tout nouveau single? Salut Marie! On est super excité! […]