Adrenalized – Operation Exodus

10 / 10 I am not getting that pumped often for an album release, but I’ve been waiting patiently for a few months for the new Adrenalized to come out. Their last album « Tales of a Generation », that came out in 2013, is still constantly playing in my rotation and has passed the test of […]

Colorsfade – In Real Time

8/10 Them being from my hometown, it’s always a bit more difficult to review an album from guys you will see in future concerts from times to times. After their two EPs, I knew what kind of sound to expect and there was a real progression on the second EP, so I was really excited […]

Satanic Surfers – Back From Hell

9/10 J’ai toujours été un grand fan des Surfers et j’étais vraiment content de voir qu’ils planifiaient sortir un nouvel album. Et je peux vous dire que je n’ai pas été décu du résultat. Après avoir fait quelques albums qui m’ont moyennement plu, Back From Hell vient nous rentrer dedans comme un coup de poing […]