Mon année 2019 en musique/spectacles

2019 a été une année très riche en nouvelles sorties d’albums, ce qui m’a causé assez de difficulté pour isoler mes 10 meilleurs albums de l’année. Après beaucoup de réflexion et possiblement l’ajout de quelques cheveux gris, je suis finalement arrivé à destination avec mon top 10 personnel pour l’année 2019. Donc, sans plus tarder […]

CF98 – Rotten to the Core EP

I’ve always had a soft spot for female vocalists but, especially when I started listening to punk rock in the 90’s, there were little to none female vocalists, and the few I got around to know did not have a voice that was satisfying to me. Things have gone better with the years, but I […]

Malvina – Hybrid War

A few months ago, I got to listen to the latest album of Malvina from Brazil and thought it was good after the first listen, but there were so many albums that came out in that span that I kind of lost the album amongst all the rest. I am glad however that I gave […]

The Stifled – EP 2019

I usually know well in advance what’s coming out in the next few weeks, and which release will get my blood pumping. But sometimes, when there’s a few weeks without something coming out that you’re familiar with, you run into something you did not expect at all. This is the case with this band called The […]

Bash Brothers – Downhearted

8/10 I was not too familiar with Bash Brothers before I heard about the hype of a new album coming out in 2019. I know I listened to their previous album in 2017, but couldn’t really remember what it sounded like, so I was really eager to see what the hype was all about. My […]

Adrenalized – Operation Exodus

10 / 10 I am not getting that pumped often for an album release, but I’ve been waiting patiently for a few months for the new Adrenalized to come out. Their last album « Tales of a Generation », that came out in 2013, is still constantly playing in my rotation and has passed the test of […]