My 10 Favorite Records of All Time : Jeroen (MARCH)

Propagandhi – Potemkin City Limits

Skate punk champions league! Became an avid fan since Today’s Empires, started worshipping them from Potemkin on. Difficult to choose between Potemkin and Supporting Caste. I remember not being able to get my head around how agressive Night Letters sounded and still get chills when I hear Dear Coach’s Corner, but Potemkin has more songs that tingle my skate punk sense. I love how Potemkin sits right in between their old and newer work. Propa created themselves a musical niche and this is the first album where that worked out perfectly fine.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf

Absolute masterpiece by QOTSA with the holy trinity of Dave Grohl on drums, Nick Oliveri on bass and Mark Lanegan on vocal darkness. I don’t think there’s a rock album I love more than this one. Never stopped listening to it from the first time I picked it up.
The bass solo in No One Knows is one of the main reasons I picked up a bass.

dEUSWorst Case Scenario

One of the bands I idolized throughout high school. Best alternative band our little country (Belgium) produced, if you ask me. Perfect balance between soothing lullabies and all out rock, stellar live shows and enough ambition to conquer the world beyond our borders. If I wouldn’t be playing in punk rock bands, I’d have had a go at this type of music.

NOFXSo Long & Thanks For All The Shoes

Perfect melodies, well thought out lyrics, social commentary, tongue in cheek humour, absolute hits. There are bands that would kill to write one song off this album. NOFX have been consistently writing on a stellar level for about a decade. I’ll still be singing along to this when I’m in a nursing home.

EelsDaisies Of The Galaxy

Eels likes birds, I like Eels. Simple as that.

The BronxIII

Been getting more into The Bronx since I started playing with MARCH, and rightly so. What a band. Pure rock ‘n roll the way it should be played. With both middle fingers in the air and a shit eating grin on your face.

The FlatlinersCavalcade

Might be my favourite punk rock album. Probably because it’s not 100% punk rock. Love the dynamics, the lyrics, all the musical influences and Chresswell‘s speedy delivery.

A Wilhelm ScreamCareer Suicide

The Horse.

Sage FrancisLi(f)e

Hip hop mixed with alternative rock. Struck a real chord with me, especially because Francis knows how to tell a good story and doesn’t constantly refer to his bitches, $$$ and Da Club.

Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

No idea how you write something like this when you’re probably not even allowed to drink yet. Turner‘s lyricism + riffs = Wow.


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