Brookhurst – Heartstrings

On March 29th, Brookhurst, a three-piece pop punk act from L.A., CA released their last record, Heartstrings. I was a fan of the previous record and I couldn’t wait to hear their new sound, especially since I had a feeling this new one would even be better. I had the chance to meet Steven, the singer, in 2014 during Craig’s Brother‘s tour, then we kept in touch and I saw him again when This Legend was touring in Canada with Lagwagon. So I was following closely on social media what was coming and I was super happy when they finally released Heartstrings.

Two weeks after the release, I was on a road trip with my boyfriend on Highway 1, from San Diego to San Francisco, along the Pacific Coast in California, listening to that masterpiece for the first time. Since then, every time I listen to Heartstrings, it brings me back directly to California and its amazing landscapes. But it’s only one of the reasons why I love that record so much. Not only is the music a reminder of the California sun, but it is what I call pop punk at its best. It’s fast, catchy and super melodic. Even Steven‘s voice has a perfect pop punk vibe.

The first song, Are You Listening?, is one of my favorite songs of the record and perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. The band couldn’t have chosen a better start for their new opus. And to be honest, I could say the same thing about every song. There’s no filler, only great songs. I’d say that my two other favorite songs are A Band in D and Light Up the Sun, the latter being so good that it just makes me want to listen to the record a second time in a row.

Parent Void, one of the slowest songs of the album, is so good and melodic that it makes me close my eyes and smile when I hear it. The lyrics are about having a nice and supporting dad and feeling bad for anyone who doesn’t have the chance to have that stability in their life. Sad but beautiful at the same time. What a lovely song! And the record also includes Here & There, an amazing song with an acoustic start which turns out to be a perfect crescendo with a more powerful end. I can’t help but sing the chorus out loud when it plays.

With winter slowly coming in Canada, I’m sure a lot of you guys are eager for some California vibes and Heartstrings is definitely the best record for that! So if you want to bring sun and fun in your life these days, I highly recommend that you listen to Brookhurst‘s latest album. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do!




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