Drunktank – Return of the Infamous Four

Hi everyone! It is my pleasure to introduce you to an incredible release you CAN NOT miss! The band I’m talking about is Drunktank. These guys are from Netherlands in Western Europe. On July 26th 2019, they came back with a second LP more than 9 years after their first one, The Infamous Four, released in March 2010. Indeed, this new 10-track album is not for faint-hearted punk rockers. What we have here is a fast melodic skate punk style inspired from the 90s with a lot of metal influence.

Many people would say that 10 songs are not enough, but trust me when I tell you that every second of every track is totally worth it! In fact, many tracks are more than 3-minute long and, in my opinion, I rather have longer well-managed songs than more songs. So, let’s get to the point here. We Want More is the starter and yes, after hearing that killer song, I WANTED MORE!!! The message articulated in that song has been spread many times, over and over, but I think that we will never hear it enough in order to change many of our filthy consumption habits that make us eternally dissatisfied. I won’t describe each and every song because I really want you to discover them by yourself. So I’ll directly skip to the fifth one, Hellraisers, which first riffs remind a lot of Slayer, just as the lyrics – a real punk/metal song that will please you in every aspects. I can’t pass by Courage of a Few that starts with a familiar narration told decades ago by the legendary Charlie Chaplin, supported by epic back vocals. That song is about freedom and anti‑conformism, which we all need more than ever in these dark times. I won’t go through them in details, but the last 3 tracks are sort of my favorites, comprised with a perfect mastering, killer riffs with solos, and many chorus are sung by all the members – it’s just freaking epic!

Return of the Infamous Four struck me like a lightning. I’ve been listening to it for a week and it seems like I can’t stop! Many bands keep surprising me, but this record was really unexpected and I would say that it’s probably my biggest surprise so far this year. When I’m talking about punk rock, this is EXACTLY what I want to hear: melodic, fast, aggressive and technical sound, epic vocals and back vocals with intelligent lyrics. My only reservation overall is that some people may feel that they can’t catch their breath because there are no slower songs. I might have liked some slow songs too in order to appreciate the next songs. But for fans like me, the positive point is that there is no track to skip! An album to listen to again and again, without a doubt. It’s truly a record waiting to become FAMOUS, as well as those guys. Drunktank deserve to be heard and seen. Enjoy!


Link to the album: https://drunktankpunk.bandcamp.com/album/return-of-the-infamous-four


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