Much the Same – Everything is Fine

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Much the Same. Actually, they’re my favorite band. Some of their lyrics tattooed on my ribs, I once traveled to Peru just to see them live… Yes, I’m that kind of fan! When I saw them at Music 4 Cancer Fest last year and they played a new song, Snake in the Grass, I was super excited to hear new stuff from them and even more excited by the idea that they might be working on a new record. When the band announced later that they were going to release a new album, it automatically became the record I was expecting the most in 2019.

I was in touch with the guys when they were recording and it just made the wait longer, not to say painful. Dan even texted me one day to tell me he couldn’t wait for me to hear it. No need to tell you I couldn’t wait either! So when I received the advanced copy of Everything is Fine from Lockjaw Records at the beginning of June (I had never been so happy to run a media!!), it was like Christmas Day. I was jumping all over the place like a little girl!

So I pressed « play » and was literally blown away by the first song. Right from Burner, I knew I was listening to one of the best records released in the last years. The long wait was totally worth it. A perfect mix of pop punk and fast melodic punk rock was invading my ears. It reminded me of the great and sweet riffs No Use for A Name wrote in the 90s. Nothing could have erased that big smile from my face. That record is perfect the whole way through. It’s so perfect that for weeks, my favourite song changed everyday!

I’ve never been a super technical analyst, but I have to say that the way the instruments are played on that record is amazing, especially the bass. The right dose of technicality to fit the melodies. And the perfect melodies to fit the lyrics that are so deep and touching. There’s nothing about that record that I would like to change or improve. And two thumbs up to my friend Sebas from SterioDesign who designed the cover. The content is perfect outside and in!

I can’t talk about the album without talking about the ukulele song, In the Event of… I had the chance to read the lyrics before hearing the song and it made me cry. When you know Dan a bit and what he’d been through with f*cking cancer, you can’t keep a stiff upper lip while listening to this song. I burst into tears at « I still sleep with my front door unlocked ». As a person fighting an incurable disease, I know too much that feeling because that’s exactly how I felt when I was alone at night after I was diagnosed. I’m just glad Dan is doing well enough now to be back playing music and shows and enjoying life.

My favourite song? Like I said earlier, for some time, every day brought a new favorite song. But I would say that You Used to Have a Garden is my favorite one now. And Passengers. Those songs are so melodic that they just got stuck in my head for days and I can’t help but sing along every time I hear them.

The band is heading to Europe for a couple of shows this summer. So European pals, make sure to catch them live. And if you have the chance, go talk to them. They’re definitely some of the nicest people from the punk rock scene I’ve met in my life. And I know it’s important to them to interact with their fans, so you guys are in for a win-win situation! Hopefully, some Quebec dates will be added to their schedule at some point because I can’t wait to see them again and hear all the great songs from Everything is Fine live.

Here’s the link to that perfect record :

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.




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