Reunions – Winter Heart, Summer Skin

Reunions, a four-piece punk rock band from San Francisco, released their first full length record Winter Heart, Summer Skin on June 21st. It’s been an instant favourite for me from the first listen. Raw punk rock, melodic riffs, rough voice, no exaggeration in their sound. Their simplicity is even reflected on the cover of the record; it’s so simple that it makes it different and interesting. They are the proof that punk rock doesn’t have to be super technical and flashy to be amazing.

I spent some time reading the lyrics and it made me realize how the songs are so beautifully written. Dark but still great. They just made me like the record even more. Among the subjects the band addresses on that opus, you find the idea of ghosts from the past, a father that seemed to be more of a problem than a source of comfort… But even if the lyrics are super dark, the band wrote the music in a way that makes the songs lighter than they could have been. The best example is definitely Slow Fade. The lyrics sound like dark poetry, but the music is so melodic and catchy that the song makes me smile and headbang. That record is definitely not a bummer!

I like the record from A to Z; there’s no filler on it. But still, some songs caught my attention more than others. The first song, Light Left On, is such a great start. The first time I listened to it, it just made me want to hear more. Sheet Metal Grey is so powerful but touching at the same time. The mix of the lyrics, the music and the voice is perfect! My favorite song on the record is Faster Still. I literally fell in love with the chorus. It’s so melodic and catchy that it gets stuck in my head for days. And of course, there wouldn’t have been a better way to end this amazing record than I Need an Editor.

I couldn’t write this review without talking about Me, Incomplete. This song is probably the best punk rock crescendo I’ve ever heard. It starts slowly on acoustic guitar, then the more the song goes on, the more intense it become with a full band sound. Even the voice becomes more intense by the end. And when you take the time to read the lyrics, you totally understand the ascending intensity. Brilliant song for sure!

I wish I would have had the chance to see Reunions when I was in San Francisco earlier this year. Hopefully they’ll come on this side of the continent at some point in the future. I would definitely see them on the line up of Pouzza Fest… fingers crossed! In the meantime, you can listen to Winter Heart, Summer Skin by clicking on this link:









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