Malvina – Hybrid War


A few months ago, I got to listen to the latest album of Malvina from Brazil and thought it was good after the first listen, but there were so many albums that came out in that span that I kind of lost the album amongst all the rest. I am glad however that I gave it a second listen a few weeks ago, because this is a beast of an album. They deliver a fast and aggressive punk rock sound heavily influenced by metal from the 80’s to today. Lyrically, they are definitely in the political stratosphere as they offer their own views on problems in their country. At the same time, everyone who takes the time to reflect on the lyrics can relate with most of what’s proposed as they are also discussing a lot of global issues.

The first thing I’ve noticed that makes this band stands out is the unique tone used for the production. The bass and guitar are used in a way to create some kind of dark ambiance throughout the album. I am not sure how to describe it better than what I just did, but it’s very interesting to the ears. The first track Hybrid War gives a really good overview of how it will sound and really stands out as one of my favorites of the record. Other personal standouts were XIII, The Anomie and Nowhere at Home, but I could see someone else easily come up with a totally different list as there are no fillers on this album.

Another thing that really stands out for me are the vocals. It’s kind of an hybrid between clean singing and screaming, without the aggressivity when compared to most hardcore bands and the backup vocals meshes up perfectly in all songs. The uniqueness of the vocalist’s tone reminds me of the Bash Brothers album that came out earlier this year in a sense that the vocals are so unique that it garners your attention right away. It might not be for everyone, but personally I really dig it and I’d be very curious to see how this sounds in a live setting.

Malvina is a band that possesses their own sound and became masters at executing it with the years. The album Hybrid War is the proof of it and I would urge anyone to give it a try. Being from Brazil, I am not sure if I will ever get to see this band live, but I sure hope someday they come over in North America.

– Guillaume T.

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