Nadir – Collecting Misery

Nadir is a punk rock trio from Queens/Brooklyn, New York, featuring members of Off With Their Heads, Think Tank and Hard Pass. They released their first EP, Collecting Misery, on February 25th through Hopesick Records. Since I’m a fan of Off With Their Heads, I was really curious to hear Robbie‘s new project, especially as he’s the singer of Nadir.

From the first notes, I knew I would like the album. Doomed from the Start, the first song, really is a good start. It’s super melodic and catchy and after many listens, it’s still my favorite song of the record. And I love the singer’s voice! My two other favorite songs are Back Home and Paper Trail. Some songs sound a bit more rock than punk – I’m thinking of Buried Above Ground and Early Graves – but they’re still great songs.

In addition to six punk rock songs, the album features two excellent acoustic songs, Collecting Misery and Born to Die Alone, the latter being my favorite one. I’m a big fan of acoustic songs so I was very pleased when I discovered those two gems.

To conclude, I would say that there’s nothing super flashy about this record, but that it’s very well done. To me, it sounds like simple but still great punk rock. If you’re curious to hear what Nadir sound like, here’s the link to their Bandcamp page : Hopefully you will like them as much as I do.






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