Dial Drive – Wasted Time

Today, I’ve decided to talk to you about one of the records I’ve listened to the most in the last months. Dial Drive, a pop punk band based in Orlando, FL, released their first full lenght Wasted Time through A Jam Records on March 8th. Ten fast and fun pop punk songs that hooked me right away. We can almost feel the Florida sun through that record. I’d say it’s the perfect album for the summer that is finally showing up.

The first song, Do They Know, is my favorite one of the record. It’s so good and catchy that the first time I heard it, I put it on repeat. There’s something about that song that makes me happy every time I listen to it. In fact, the whole record is super catchy and emits positive vibes. I love the singer’s voice and the fact that the band was able to amalgamate breakdowns into their songs without changing the pop punk nature of their music. And the drums are just simply amazing. Some songs kind of remind me of the old Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco era, when those bands release their first records. But to be honest, I think that Dial Drive are much better!

My two other favorite songs are Missed Call and Parasite. I really like Missed Call because of the drums and the fact that it’s a bit different from the rest of the record. It’s probably the most « pop » song of the album and I think that the arrangements are brilliant. As for Parasite, it was the first single the band released and it was a pretty good choice as it is really representative of the rest of the record: catchy, fast and fun.

Two thumbs up for the production that is amazing. Perfect sound and great arrangements the whole way through. I also want to mention the cover. I love it! You can see a man who wasted so much time waiting for a phone call that he obviously never got that he had the time to decompose. We’ve all already waited for that phone call that never came.

Finally, I can say that Wasted Time is already one of my favorite records released so far this year and will probably rank high in my top of the year. I’ll have the chance to see them at The Fest in Gainesville, FL in November and I can’t wait.

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to the record yet, here’s the link to the A Jam Records Bandcamp page : https://ajamrecords.com/album/wasted-time. Hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do.



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