Captain Asshole – What an Awful Life

From the first notes, I knew that the first Captain Asshole‘s full length project, What an Awful Life, was definitely not an awful record. Released in the beginning of April, this release by the German trio is one of my favourite records so far this year. The songs are fast and very energetic and make you want to sing along while drinking beer with your friends. 32 minutes of pure fun and head banging.

I took the time to read all the lyrics, like I always do, and I have to say that I recognized myself and my friends in most of the songs. All in our thirties, striving through the complexity of life, having all kinds of different problems, old habits that never die, but still going to shows and partying because that’s what punk rock is about and some things never change.

If I had to describe that record with one word, I’d say « friendship » without any hesitation. Like I said, it’s the kind of record you want to listen to while hanging out with your friends. The whole album is the perfect track list of a fun party. And the fact that there is more than one singer in most of the songs makes you think that those guys are true friends having fun and sharing their music with you. The last song, Fuck You Andy, features a choir made of many band members at the end and it’s just amazing. What a perfect way to end a record! And they also have a song about The Fest in Gainesville, Holliday Inn. I’ve never been to The Fest yet, but still, it’s definitely a place about fun and friendship.

Even if I’ve been listening to that record for two months, I’m not able to tell which song is my favorite. It’s quite simple: I love the whole record! I like the voices, the rythm, the melodies… everything! It’s a real banger from start to finish. And even the cover is perfect: booze, hot sauce, hangover style and a poster « I’m having more fun than you ». I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys can recognize themselves in that picture.

We’re just in May but I can already tell that What an Awful Life deserves a very nice spot in my top of the year. If you haven’t listened to the record yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Pkew Pkew Pkew, Überyou, etc. Here’s the link to the record :

Those guys are definitely in for a brilliant career and hopefully they’ll make it to Canada one day. European people: they’re playing Booze Cruise Festival in June in Hamburg. Make sure to catch them if you can.



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