Satanic Surfers: Riding the Wave of Love in Quebec

Last Saturday night, I went to Montreal to see Satanic Surfers and Belvedere. To be honest, I had just got back from California and I was exhausted, but nothing could have prevented me from attending that show. I’ve been listening to those bands for more than 20 years so I was super excited to see them both in the same night.

As always, Belvedere were amazing to watch. Mike Supina from A Wilhelm Scream was playing guitar with them and he definitely shared the enthusiasm of the other members. Those guys are always smiling and having fun on stage. They are definitely one of my favorite bands to see live. They played a great mix of their oldest and newest songs and the crowd was singing along with them. Another great moment in my life thanks to Belvedere.

Then it was Satanic Surfers‘ turn to hit the stage. You could feel the excitement of the crowd. As it was the last show of the tour, the second show of the day, I was a bit scared. But just like Belvedere did before them, they gave an amazing show, as if it was the very first of the tour. They played a couple of new songs from their last record Back from Hell, but they mostly played old songs. They drove the crowd crazy with old classics like Hero of Our Time, …And the Cheese Fell Down and Head Under Water. And Rodrigo’s voice is still as great as it was 25 years ago. He’s definitely one of my favorite punk rock singers.

After such an amazing tour and response from the crowd, we can say for sure that the Quebec punk rock fans have a soft spot for Satanic Surfers and Belvedere. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to see them again soon.

My colleague saw both bands in Ottawa so here’s the link of the YouTube channel where he’s going to post some videos:



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