The Stifled – EP 2019


I usually know well in advance what’s coming out in the next few weeks, and which release will get my blood pumping. But sometimes, when there’s a few weeks without something coming out that you’re familiar with, you run into something you did not expect at all. This is the case with this band called The Stifled from Baltimore, US. They released a new EP in March and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this new release.

The EP starts on a high note with the song Bite which was featured as a single in 2018. The song is fast and technical, and I really enjoy the balance between the clean and the growling vocals. That balance between clean and growl vocals kind of remind me of some of the more aggressive Rise Against songs on the first few albums, and this is true for every song on the album.

All the songs on the EP are built on a similar mold, but I enjoyed specially the song Deep Down. This song brings element of hardcore and meshes it well with the punk rock vibe that the band brings. The intro doesn’t drag too long, and the tempo varies all throughout the song, which makes it enjoyable as it is not a song you can easily predict.

Overall, this is a very solid EP, and I’d like to see what this band could do on a full length. From what I see, they are also unsigned, so it would seem like a good band to pick up for a label searching for new aggressive punk rock bands.

– Gwile

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